Declutter your workspace—and mind—in 1 minute

Declutter your workspace—and mind—in 1 minute

This week’s invitation to mindfulness taps into the power of environment.

  • Look around your workspace.
  • Notice. How does it make you feel? Peaceful and energized? Anxious and tired?
  • Tidy your workspace. Set a timer for 1 minute, and tidy what you can in that time.
  • Breathe. When your minute is up, take a deep belly breath.
  • Notice. How do you feel now?

Keep committing to these 1 minute tidy sessions (after meetings, between tasks, before you head home) until your workspace makes you feel good.

I’m continuously surprised by how a simple change in our space can impact us. If you’re in a city that’s beginning to warm and brighten like Omaha, don’t you feel different than you did just days ago?

Never underestimate the power of place!