Clarity Cards

colorful question cards

You already have the wisdom you seek. These cards help you access it.

Each Clarity Card question helps with one of the following intentions:

Get Unstuck: Reclaim your momentum when struggling to make a change.

Decide Your Next Step: Move forward on an existing goal with confidence.

Snap Out of It: When facing a challenge, feel peaceful and empowered again.

Think Bigger: Focus on what matters most in this moment.

You'll receive 1 instruction page and 40 cards on 5 print-at-home pages, including 8 blank cards for you to write in your own favorite questions. (Click on image to zoom in.)

Use your cards for guidance

There are countless ways to use your cards, and I’m sure you’ll discover your own favorite techniques. Here is one method to get you started:

  1. Write down the topic of your challenge or desire in the form of a question.
  2. Gather the full deck of cards, or those with the most relevant intention. Place them face down, and draw a single card. 
  3. Read the question, and without pausing to think or edit yourself, write whatever comes to mind. 
  4. Read what you’ve written, underlining anything that stands out or causes an emotional reaction. It may or may not seem related to your original question.
  5. Write down your key takeaways, as well as any action steps you'd like to take as a result of this process.

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