sad woman among flowers

You landed the new job! So why are you sad?

Have you ever quit a job, then later—maybe while saying goodbyes on your last day, or a few weeks into your new gig—wondered, What am I sad about? I didn’t even want that job… When I left my software career to go all in with life coaching—a decision I was super excited about—I also felt surprisingly […]

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One-minute meditation: They’ll see it on your face

Enjoy this moment of office zen. The setup For 1 or 2 minutes, you’re going to relax every muscle above your shoulders. Set an audible timer, get comfy, then read on. The meditation Relax the top of your head, your forehead, your eyebrows. Relax your eyes: the outer corners of your eyes—the creases there. Your […]

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relaxed confident woman

The difference between arrogance and confidence

My first management job Even before I finished college, I knew I wanted to be a manager. I took on all kinds of leadership roles—president of my dorm’s residents’ association, a Big Sister with Big Brothers Big Sisters, lead of the Employee Engagement Survey Action Team—but management remained a dream. Then, about eight years into […]

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frustrated woman at computer

5 reasons to quit your job

Yes, you’ve thought about quitting your job. Maybe it’s just an occasional fantasy. It springs up when you’re stuck working a Saturday. Or maybe it’s become an obsession, complete with pros and cons lists. Either way, before you hand over that resignation letter, answer this: Why do you want to quit? Read more to find […]

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ocean and mountains

Announcing: The Clarity Experience 2019

As many of you know, I’ve been working on creating my biggest event yet. Get ready for an intimate, week-long experience coming to you this September 1st-7th! Tickets go on sale soon. And, as my loyal reader, I have a special gift for you! Today, I’m opening up just 3 spots for pre-registration. Keep reading […]

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white clean office space

Declutter your workspace—and mind—in 1 minute

This week’s invitation to mindfulness taps into the power of environment. Look around your workspace. Notice. How does it make you feel? Peaceful and energized? Anxious and tired? Tidy your workspace. Set a timer for 1 minute, and tidy what you can in that time. Breathe. When your minute is up, take a deep belly […]

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3 ways to Slack effectively under stress

Have you ever regretted a direct message you’ve sent at work? Before becoming a life coach, I spent 12 years in the tech industry. In that time, whether I was writing C++ code for pilot training software or building a start-up’s first Product department, I read countless emails (Lotus Notes, then Outlook, then Gmail) and […]

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This is the year (part 3): Reinforce

tl;dr Your action plan Ask yourself, “What could happen if I don’t pursue this goal?” Create a visual reminder of the pain you’re avoiding by moving forward. Schedule time to regularly review your goal and protect that time. Find an accountability partner or group, or hire a professional coach. Reinforce In the first two posts […]

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office tools

This is the year (part 2): Break it down

tl; dr Your action plan Use two techniques to write your goals: ask Gary Keller’s focusing question and be specific. First, break down your life goal until you’ve created an annual goal: e.g. 5 years, 2 years, 1 year. Next, break down your annual goal until you have ONE next first step that feels easy. […]

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simple wreath

This is the year (part 1): Your biggest dream

tl;dr Your action plan Identify the one big dream that’s most meaningful to you. Find a compelling and emotional reason why you want it. Write it down. Write it in a secret journal, text it to your coach, or share it with friends online. Whatever you do, put it into the world. This is the […]

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