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Calming Meditation

This 12-minute audio meditation combines breathwork, visualization, and body awareness to help you feel present.

“I loved your meditation! I started it when I was in an agitated state, and it really did the trick to calm me down… The music was the perfect complement for it too… Thank you for creating this!”

Teagan Miller, intuitive life coach

Make Space Workbook

Is your home cluttered and a bit chaotic? Maybe your life feels that way too? Make Space is my framework and 17-page guide to transform your living space and your life.

“After losing my boy in 2015, I have worked through a lot of grief and done a lot of inner work. Mandy’s detailed room-by-room, thought-provoking look at the connection between our environment and other things in our lives made perfect sense to me. I have done a lot of “letting go,” but her guide caused me to take a deeper look and then take action. It created healing and space for new and creative things to enter my life.”

— Cheri Thomas, grief facilitator, life coach, author

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