Design Your Best Monday


Are you a smart, self-reflective professional who feels unfulfilled in her career? Do you want a career you adore, one that matters, but you’re not sure what it looks like?

You’re not alone. According to The Conference Board’s 2018 survey, about half of all Americans are dissatisfied with their jobs.

Many of my clients come to me stuck at the “I don’t even know what I want!” stage. I was there myself for years.

You can figure this out! I can help.

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Four Practices

Learn 4 simple practices to continuously refine a vision for Your Best Monday. (2.5 minutes)

Make Space

When thinking about something isn’t enough, we need to do something physical. Envision your ideal life by examining and improving your living space. (5 minutes)

Ideal Day

Through creative visualization, you’ll not only uncover your desires but also create a realistic action plan to get what you want. (3 minutes)

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