How to improve your work life

You’ve probably tried a lot of things to feel more satisfied with your work life.

The reason you’ve struggled is because resistance is blocking you from hearing your own inner wisdom about how to move forward. My approach addresses career dissatisfaction at this root cause level.

There are 4 overarching principles that make this totally doable:

1) Focus on how you want to feel.

Beneath every desire, from possessions to achievements, is an emotion that you expect your ambitions will create. This feeling state is what you’re really after. Focusing here helps you discern what’s important so you can confidently say No to the rest.

To put Principle 1 into action right now, download my free Redefine Success workbook to clarify your next career steps.

2) Question your stressful beliefs.

According to the National Science Foundation, 80% of a human’s thoughts are negative and 95% are repetitive. Negative thoughts trigger unpleasant emotions, which makes you take actions you don’t want to take, which worsens your situation. While you can’t totally prevent negative thoughts, you can become less driven by them so that your actions match your intentions.

3) Listen to your body.

When making decisions, you probably use your brain extensively, analyzing your options and weighing pros and cons. There’s another tool that’s underutilized in our culture: the body. Being present to your physical sensations provides a wealth of information about your right next steps.

4) Take easy action.

It’s impossible to know with certainty what you want by thinking about it. Clarity comes from taking consistent, imperfect action in the direction of something you desire. Choosing to take tiny steps allows you to keep moving forward, no matter how big and scary the goal.

As you integrate these four principles into your everyday life, you’ll find it much easier to create an enjoyable, fulfilling career.

While I’m not currently coaching clients one-on-one, I can help you put these principles into action with my books. You might also enjoy watching, listening to, or reading my free resources.

Case study: Bored VP -> Joyful Entrepreneur

After working with me for 6 months, this client (who asked to remain anonymous) was delighted by what she’d accomplished.

Where she started…

  • Respected executive with 20 years of professional experience
  • Her work was no longer joyful, which made it hard to be an inspiring leader
  • Considering a career change for 2 years but didn’t know what she wanted
  • Struggled with ruminating, fear of leaving industry, work frustrations, fatigue

…Where she ended up

  • Having way more fun and less stress at her current workplace
  • Praised for her calm and effective leadership amidst a chaotic pandemic
  • Better relationships, both professionally and personally
  • Resigned with confidence, vacationed, then started work in a new industry
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