Jump Start

Perfect for the DIYer, this program gives you an efficient start on decluttering your home and the tools you need to tackle the rest of your space.

Is this program for you?

  • Your home is cluttered with stuff. Maybe your life feels that way too?  
  • You’d like to let go of some of this stuff, but it’s been an emotional struggle.
  • You may have experienced a major loss. Whatever your loss — recent or many years ago, a loved one or an identity — you are still grieving.
  • You have vague dreams of a more fun life, but you’re not going after them at the moment. Maybe you aren’t clear what you want, or maybe you’re too afraid of failure.
  • You’re willing to be vulnerable by honestly sharing your thoughts and feelings with me.
  • You’re committed to doing the hands-on work necessary to declutter and organize your home.

What you get:

  • A clear and inspiring vision for your ideal home
  • An understanding of why decluttering has been such a challenge for you in the past
  • An understanding of how your home is impacting your mind and body
  • We’ll declutter your home’s biggest problem area
  • Tools that enable you to plan and execute on decluttering your entire home
  • Results delivered via two 30-minute phone calls, one 90-minute in-home session, and a follow-up email

Total investment: $100

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