Life Coaching

unicorn figurineAbout my life coaching

Most of us are familiar with athletic coaches. In fact, you’d think it odd for any serious athlete to not have a trusted coach. So why would you expect the rest of the world to excel without a coach?

As a professionally-trained life coach, I help people enjoy life more. I especially love helping women build careers that are meaningful to them.

You can learn more about me here.

Who I work with

Does this sound like you?

  • You’re itching for a more fulfilling career.
  • You feel stuck somewhere on your career transition journey.
  • Maybe you don’t know what you want. Or you have a hunch, but think there’s no way you could make your move right now. You might have made your move, and now aren’t sure how to make it work!
  • You’re willing to dive into this process of self-discovery and embrace vulnerability by honestly sharing your thoughts and feelings with me.

If you’re saying “yes,” this was meant to be. Keep reading! 💖

Two-Month Coaching Package

The value of coaching

You’ll discover the underlying causes of your biggest obstacles and resolve the issues that are keeping you stuck. You’ll also learn how to overcome future challenges so that after our sessions end, you can keep moving forward skillfully with your life’s work.

My clients regularly experience life-altering transformations. Every client’s experience varies. To get a feel for what’s possible, you can read what my clients are saying.

Following is one client’s story.

When we started our work together, T had just started to seriously pursue her dream of becoming an entrepreneur and life coach. She had a straightforward business plan based on what she was seeing other people do. Through my coaching, she discovered that the hobby she was most passionate about — Tarot card reading — could generate income. Now, T’s flagship offering is an inventive combination of Tarot and coaching. As she continues to boldly express her authentic self, her workdays are not only profitable — they’re playful and fun!

What’s included

  • 4 x 50-minute coaching sessions, typically scheduled every other week (All sessions are done by phone, so feel free to wear those comfy pants!)
  • Unlimited text or email between sessions
  • A reflection exercise to capture what you’ve learned and identify where you’d like to focus next
  • Homework you’ll actually enjoy, and the support of a gentle accountability partner
  • Virtual resources that supplement our conversations

Total investment: $300

How to get started

Life coaching is an important relationship. Before you decide to make this commitment, let’s chat briefly. This will help me learn about your needs, determine whether I can help you, and answer any questions you might have.

Schedule your free 30-minute call now.