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Who you are

You’re an achiever who gets things done. People consider you successful. But you wonder… Is this burnout? Is this it? I should be doing more.

You are kind, generous, compassionate, purpose-driven. You want your work to make a difference in the world. You think… I should be giving more.

You are a repressed creative. You have fun, creative interests and ideas, but you’ve abandoned them. You think… I don’t have the time. I’m not talented. I missed my chance.

You are self-aware. You may not know how to move forward, or where exactly you’re headed, but have a hunch that you’ve been getting in your own way. You think… I know this guilt/fear/anxiety is self-inflicted, but I still can’t let it go!

Why you’re here today

You want to do work that takes advantage of your unique gifts, and serves the world in a meaningful way. And it’d be nice if that work left you with plenty of energy for the rest of your life!

Wherever you are on this journey, I would love to help you fall madly in love with Mondays.

If you’re unfulfilled and wonder “what’s next?” I will help you discover and do more meaningful work.

If you’ve started a business and feel overwhelmed, I will help you make a bigger impact with more ease.

It’s go-time!

Based on my experience supporting clients to make major and lasting shifts in their life and career, I have put together some powerful ways for us to work together. I’m all about giving you the results you crave, with zero fluff.

Before we get into specifics though, let’s “meet!”

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Click to apply for a free Clarity Call.

Can’t wait to learn about you and all the amazing things in your future. 💖