My Approach

You probably consider yourself a serious professional. I’m willing to bet that you haven’t thought about the concept of play, at least not for yourself, in a long time. If so, what you’re about to read may strike you as weird. It may ruffle your shiny, well-preened feathers. That’s perfect! As you read, tune in not only to that brilliant mind of yours, but also to your heart – that place in your body that melts when you are with your greatest love.

First, let me give a definition…

Play is the creative pursuit of your life’s real work.

The way we learn as children is very serious business. There are steps to follow, facts to memorize, endless rules to live by. What if you could go back to your childhood and rewrite the rules your family, the bully down the street, and society taught you?

My coaching is like a way more fun classroom in which you are both student and teacher. My coaching classroom is a playground jungle gym. A craft room packed with supplies. A make-believe castle with a treasure chest of dress-up clothes.

In our classroom, I won’t be teaching you 3 easy steps to find your passion, and you won’t be following 10 steps to a more joyful career. You will explore, play, make your own decisions. You’ll come upon your own unique insights and then change the rules of the game.

I get it. I ignored Little Mandy for years while I worked hard to build my professional reputation and my bank account. I excelled at those tasks. But then one day (ok, more like very slowly, through years of therapy topped off with a few months of coaching) I realized: I no longer want this. I’m tired. And I want to have fun. And I already am the artist that Little Mandy, her tiny fingers constantly gripping a crayon, dreams of being.

I used to think I had two choices: work hard, be serious, and have success OR play, have fun, and be (albeit creatively) a failure. Wrong! I’ve realized that I make the biggest impact when I’m being myself and having fun. Now, I’ve given up hard work, have fun every day, rest when I’m tired, play when I’m not, nurture a nearly constant buzz of creative inspiration, and feel more success and abundance than ever before.

This is your future too. I can already see it for you, and I’m so excited! Listen to that warm spot in your heart for a moment. What is your inner child trying to tell you? What does he or she most need?

You are meant to have a bigger impact on the world. Check out my programs page to learn more and sign up to work with me.

So, let’s play! I assure you, it’s not a waste of time. It is, however, childish. That’s a good thing! Our childish nature – our capacity for curiosity, problem solving, and lifelong learning – is what sets our species apart. It’s what creates the innovative companies we admire. But you’ve been taught to quiet that inner child. To follow their rules.

My Worldview


These principles guide my coaching and my life.

  • I believe in living life authentically. I believe that the most satisfying kind of human connection comes only from openness and vulnerability.
  • I believe each of us is powerful beyond our wildest imagination. I believe with optimism that the past is meaningful, the present is beautiful, and the future is unknowably bright.
  • I believe each of us is surrounded with gifts, and by simply noticing these gifts with gratitude, we can have more of what we desire in this present moment.
  • I believe that the more joyful energy we use, the more we create. I believe in pursuing life with childlike enthusiasm for the not-yet-discovered.
  • I believe in lifelong learning and growth.
  • I believe everyone is worthy of love, and everyone deserves forgiveness. I believe each of us is on our own unique journey, doing our best with what we have.
  • I believe less is more, that we always need to let go of something to make space for the new.

Photo by Kimberly Bailey