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Stop working weekends, without reducing your productivity or your paycheck

A personalized 1-day 1:1 coaching and consulting experience, in Omaha or online

Does this sound familiar?

It’s early Sunday morning, and all you want to do is relax for a change. But you have at least 3 hours of work you should do before tomorrow morning. You were in meetings all week—you had no time to do your actual work! You brew some coffee and sneak off to your makeshift home office before the rest of the household is awake enough to start demanding things of you. 

The week flies by. Come Friday night, your girlfriends group chat about getting dinner and drinks. Your partner nudges you to say Yes, offering to hold down the fort at home. Instead, you decline the invitation, as usual. You have work you should probably do. And even if you didn’t, who has the energy for late nights anymore? You hope they’ll understand. You try to remember the last time you all hung out but can only think of that fun backyard night way back during the first months of COVID… Has it really been that long?

You know you can’t maintain this pace forever. The trouble is, you’ve set work/life balance goals before: out the door by 5 PM, minimal weekend work, actually stop and eat a lunch every day. But nothing sticks. How could it? The second you try to focus, a coworker interrupts with a question, and suddenly you’re off on an unexpected tangent until your next meeting reminder dings.

You like your leadership role, but you didn’t expect it to be this hard. It feels impossible to get everything done, let alone done at a level of quality that meets your high standards. You feel like you’re letting your team down, despite working… Well, you haven’t been tracking your hours, but it’s certainly more than you’d like! 

What if it doesn’t have to be this way?

Yes, in our capitalistic and inequitable world where more work is being done remotely by short-staffed teams, the demands for our time seem higher than ever. And, we can regain our sense of balance, wellness, and freedom, even while participating in this culture.

What if you could finally set strong work schedule boundaries so that you weren’t overworking, and didn’t feel so bad about it?

What if there was a way to say No to all of the demands that have stopped you from being successful with this in the past—the triple-booked meetings, the agendaless meetings that you never needed to go to in the first place, the constant Slack interruptions masquerading as urgent, the go-go-go that prevents you from even noticing when you have to pee, let alone noticing whether you’re making the best decision in each moment about how to spend your time? 

What if you could actually feel peaceful while working, without sacrificing your productivity? What might be possible in terms of your leadership presence, creativity, health, and relationships—both professional and personal? How might the people you love outside of work benefit from you working your ideal schedule and no more?

I’m Mandy Kubicek, Certified Life Coach, former Head of Product, productivity pro, author, and ultramarathoner, and I’m here to tell you that this is absolutely possible. Yes, it’s going to be uncomfortable, but it’s not going to be nearly as hard as you think. Promise. Just check out what a few of my recent clients have said. 

You won’t just feel way better.

(As if that’s not reason enough to invest in yourself.)

➡️ You’ll be just as, if not more, productive.

You probably know intuitively that your overworking is killing your vibe. You’re a brilliant, innovative, loving leader, and you don’t think you can bring your A++ game when you’re moving so damn fast.

You’re absolutely right!

The Icelandic government recently conducted a four-year experiment (2017-2021) to study the effects of working fewer hours. Could we be just as productive while working fewer hours (for the same pay)? Turns out, yes! They showed that workers were equally or more productive when working 35-36 hours/week rather than over 40 hours/week (an amount that is commonplace in the U.S.).

Plus, as you’d expect, these workers reported feeling better, more energized, and less stressed because they had energy for things like exercise, quality time with friends, and hobbies.

➡️ You’ll have 500 more hours to do whatever you want in 2024.

Is it really worth devoting one whole work day upfront to change the trajectory of your year?

Let’s do the math.

Say you’re working a little extra most days, the morning and evening shoulder when the office is quieter; working through lunch; and spending a few hours most weekends to knock through some emails and make your weekly to-do list. 

Mon: 8 – 6, Tues: 8 – 5:30, Wed: 7:30 – 5:30, Thurs: 9 – 6, Fri: 9 – 4:30, Sun: 8 – 11 = 49 hours

Let’s assume your dream schedule looks like this:

Mon thru Thurs: 8:30 – 5 with 30-minute lunch, Fri: 8 – 3 with 1 hour lunch = 38 hours

Some of this will happen immediately. Some of it will likely require communicating with colleagues, helping them adapt to your new standards of excellence, and giving new habits time to build. So, your reduction might be a bit staggered. Let’s say your work weeks look like this following our Schedule Detox VIP Day:

47, 44, 40, 38, with an average of 38 for the rest of the year

What does that look like over the course of a year?

You’ll create 555 hours in 1 year, an average of 10.7 hours/week.

What could you do with an extra 11 hours each week?

Here’s what some of my clients have done with their newfound space:

The possibilities are endless, and they are SO within your reach.

What you’ll get, in detail

You’ll work fewer hours, so you can feel healthier and more relaxed, without reducing your salary or your productivity.

Specifically, you’ll receive the following:

1) A deep-dive calendar edit that resolves problem areas, such as meetings scheduled without a clear purpose and outcome, overlapping meetings, meeting times that fall outside of your ideal schedule, and meetings that make you cringe. This includes sample scripts to set and uphold your new calendar boundaries with coworkers and clients.

2) A clearer understanding of how you spend your time over a given week, including which activities are most enjoyable, plus a concrete plan for increasing how much time you spend doing meaningful, energizing activities that use your top talents and reducing the time you spend on low-impact, draining tasks (for instance, through intentional delegation and strategic deletion.)

3) Effective and personalized task management methods including self-coaching tools to help you focus on what’s most important, practical systems for tracking to-dos, disruption minimization tactics, and sample scripts to help your teammates adapt to your new standards.

4) Simple embodiment techniques to increase your productivity during your ideal work hours, particularly via better decision making and amplified creativity.

5) Troubleshooting techniques to address the 3 most common obstacles professionals face when attempting to reduce their work hours: false assumptions, abandoned habits, and broken boundaries.

These results will be delivered via two 1:1 coaching and consulting sessions plus digital content:

1) One 1:1 VIP Day with me, Certified Life Coach Mandy Kubicek

2) One 50-minute follow-up session online for celebration and troubleshooting, held about 4 weeks after our VIP session (This call is important. You’re going to see dramatic changes within 4 weeks, like reduced work hours, unexpected positive feedback at work, new sources of excitement, and better wellbeing. This call is a chance for you to recognize all that you’ve created so you can create even more success. And if there were areas where you didn’t get the results you wanted, we’ll use this time to learn why and adjust your approach.)

3) A clear, concise, and comprehensive workbook that includes two preparation activities and all of the content we’ll cover together, so you can reference it as you continue to improve your work schedule

Course topics:

  1. Your Healthiest Work Schedule
  2. Detox Your Calendar
  3. Detox Your Tasks
  4. Strengthen Your Systems
  5. Maintain to Thrive

Investment: $1,640

Payment is due upfront and in full.

How to get started

Spots to this one-on-one VIP experience are very limited, and enrollment is open for just 2 weeks. Book by Friday, January 19 to secure your Schedule Detox VIP Day in February or March 2024.

Note that I do not expect to offer this VIP again in 2024. This is your chance!

Email me at by Friday, January 19 to secure your VIP Day.

To secure your spot, email me at If space is still available, I’ll send you payment instructions and answer any questions you have, then we’ll get you scheduled! 🎉

Yay! I’m so excited to help you stop working nights and weekends! If you have any questions at all, don’t hesitate to reach out via email or LinkedIn. I predict that 2024 is going to be an incredible year for you, my friend. 💖

What my clients have achieved


“When I hired Mandy, I was newly promoted and feeling out of balance. I felt depleted at the end of the day and was working every weekend. Mandy helped me tremendously through this season. I’m more peaceful and present, both at work and at home. I consistently prioritize the things I care most about, like time with my husband and daughter, instead of following the impulse to stay late at work. I learned how to garner my time in a graceful way, rather than saying Yes to every interruption or being unkind, then ruminating about it later. More than anything, I wanted to fluidly move between my roles while serving each person well (family, coworkers, clients.) And I’m there! I highly recommend working with Mandy. She was always very accepting, and she’ll call you on your stuff!” —CeCe, Senior Officer in the U.S. military

I didn’t realize how much my lack of sleep was impacting me. Now that I’m sleeping great, doing yoga, and meditating before bed, I’m hardly ever frustrated at work.” —Anonymous client

Kara was a stressed-out financial executive, working late, debating whether to change jobs, and procrastinating on important work tasks. During our work together, she cleared out her 15,000+-email inbox in less than an hour, completed every postponed task, and felt peaceful with challenging coworkers. “Your voice frequently pops into my mind, reminding me to listen to my body and untangling the knot in my stomach… I’m so thankful you popped up in my search for coaches!” —Kara, Sr. VP

Anne Thompson

“I signed up with Coach Kubicek because my wheels were spinning with so many ideas, yet I wasn’t moving forward. Mandy helped me settle myself down, intentionally choose a direction, and create a path to get there. She asked gentle, pertinent questions that addressed the internal challenges that were holding me back, freeing me to express my creative potential. My income immediately increased, and the systems she introduced are still a part of my routine. I am much more clear on what is reasonable to accomplish with my time, and I don’t feel frantic. I’ve learned how to organize my life to keep it manageable and accomplish what I want. I loved the time I spent with Mandy!” —Annie, CEO

“I could have done this [task detox] myself, but I didn’t. Thank you!” —also Annie, after her 1st session

“When Coach Kubicek met me, I was in a new job and drowning. I needed to find the guide inside me that I wasn’t hearing. Our time together gave me the freedom to do things for the pleasure of them and not because they had some grand importance… I began as a life coach skeptic and ended up a zealot, eager to spread the good news of what these sessions meant to and did for me.” –Christian, Director of Software Engineering

“My shoulders feel two inches lower!” —Kate, Director