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With host Stuart Chittenden, Mandy talks about what coaching is, how she overcame her own limits to leave a software career and build her coaching business, and how the loss of her mother has shaped her life.

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  • Amanda Kohler

    “All the exercises were well thought-out and very relevant. Amazing job. I thought it was great → A++”

    – Amanda

  • erika headshot

    “I most appreciated allowing myself to be open & genuine with people on the same journey. I absolutely loved this day. Incredibly grateful. THANK YOU! ❤️”

    – Erica

  • “Very thought-provoking and effective in such a short period. Outstanding!”

    – Anonymous

  • unicorn figurine

    “Thank you for provoking the conversations had in the workshop!”

    – Anonymous

  • plant

    “It was very honest, very engaging, and fun.”

    – Anonymous