Upcoming Events

You can find me around Omaha leading discussions, workshops, and every once in awhile, luxurious retreats.

Omaha Self-Improvement Meetup

I organize the Omaha Self-Improvement Meetup, a powerful and supportive community of people in the Omaha area who provide honest and kind feedback to help each other reach our self-improvement goals. New members are welcome! Upcoming OSI Meetups can be found on our Meetup.com page.

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If you aren’t on Facebook, shoot me an email. Happy to let you know what I’ve got going on!

Are you part of group of achievers improving their careers?

Are you part of a group of achievers (such as a company, a professional organization, a community group) who are committed to building more expressive careers? Let’s connect to chat about how I can help!

What folks are saying

Here are what a few participants shared after attending a live Coach Kubicek event.

“Thank you so much Mandy. 🙂 I honestly appreciated everything about this event. You opened my eyes and soul to things I didn’t really know before.”

“This event helped me realize my goals and evaluate my motivation.”

“I most appreciated allowing myself to be open & genuine with people on the same journey. I absolutely loved this day. Incredibly grateful. THANK YOU! ❤️”

“That meditation was great!”

“Thank you, Mandy. This was a wonderful experience, providing solid tools to continue my journey.”

“You were thoughtful, present, and engaged everyone at the retreat.”

“All the exercises were well thought out and very relevant. Amazing job. I thought it was great → A++”