How to make a decision when you feel stuck

Posted on Aug 31, 2021

woman feels stuck

Feeling stuck and wondering how to make a decision?

The trick is to time travel. Yup, time travel. When you’re trying to decide between 2 or more options, it really helps. Let me explain.

Do you feel stuck?

Let’s say, for instance, you’re changing employers and have 2 job offers to consider.

You’ve asked all of your pressing questions. You’ve thought about the pros and cons. But you still feel stuck. You may even feel like one of them is right, but you don’t fully trust it because you don’t know where that feeling is coming from.

How do you get out of analysis paralysis and make a decision?

How to make a decision

This is the perfect time to use Principle 1: focus on how you want to feel. 

To do so, take a break from thinking about an answer. Instead, time travel. By that I mean that I want you to mentally fast forward, say, six months or so, to a time when you’d be settled into your new role.

One job at a time, imagine being there and doing the work. Imagine standing at your new assigned standing desk in the middle of the open-concept office where you interviewed, or sitting at a desk at the coworking space you plan to join if you take the fully remote job. 

Imagine doing some part(s) of the job.

Without analyzing it, just make note of how you feel emotionally and physically. Is there a higher level of comfort and ease in one? Is there a scared-excited energy in your chest? 

Overall, which set of sensations is more pleasant or pleasurable? Pick that one. 🙂

More help for when you feel stuck

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