4 steps to quickly make your job less boring

Posted on Jul 20, 2021

woman with boring job at desk

Are you bored at work? Getting tired of trying to inspire your team with fake enthusiasm? I’m betting you want to feel genuinely excited again, to have something besides the predictable paycheck to look forward to. But at the same time, you’re not ready for any big changes, especially given the uncertainty and stress of the past 18 months.

If this sounds familiar, you’ve probably tried to improve things outside of work (maybe with a new morning routine or by joining your bff’s gym), but you’ve struggled to stay consistent. At work, you’ve looked into other roles but didn’t find any good options. You’ve tried to get out of projects you don’t like but can’t figure out how to step away.

You keep doing what used to feel like enough, but no longer does.

Mostly, you’ve been ignoring your feelings while you keep doing what used to feel like enough but no longer does.

It’s so frustrating.

Why you’re stuck

The reason you haven’t been able to make a meaningful, sustainable change is that you’re primarily using your brain and its analytical skills to try to figure this out.

That’s understandable! Your smarts have brought you a lot of success. And, to solve this problem, you’ll need to approach it differently.

A better approach

You can quickly enjoy your job measurably more than you do now without making a major change.

You can quickly enjoy your job way more without making a major change.

There are 4 key steps to doing this. Dive deeper into one that piques your curiosity. 

1) Focus on what you really want from your career, which is a feeling rather than a particular benefit, role, or outcome. (learn more)

2) Let your creative imagination show you what’s possible. (see how)

3) Let your body, instead of your stressed-out brain, guide your decision-making. (learn how)

 4) Take tiny steps forward. (read more)

Are you bored with your career?

You don’t have to figure this out on your own. The Boring-Job Makeover is a one-month group class (live and recorded) that will help you enjoy your work life without changing jobs. Learn more here. Enrollment ends Wednesday, July 28.

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