I write for emotionally-exhausted achievers (like I once was, and still am sometimes) who want to feel less stressed while getting things done. Below, check out my paperback, downloadable cards, and upcoming memoir. Subscribe to get my latest writings directly in your inbox.

My Tender Loving Self-Care Journal

Level up your wellness routines with this paperback book.

Prioritizing your wellbeing doesn’t have to be difficult, time-consuming, or expensive. With the help of My TLC Journal, you can feel more peaceful and joyful today.

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Inside, you’ll enjoy:

  • 150+ activity ideas and brainstorming prompts so you’ll know what action to take especially when under stress
  • 50+ journaling prompts that inspire calm, clarity, creativity, and change
  • 12 true stories about learning to thrive with grief, depression, and anxiety
  • 7 goal-setting exercises so you can achieve what matters most to you
  • 50+ lined pages providing ample space for whatever else you need

“Mandy Kubicek is an honest and engaging writer with a talent for writing beautiful prose.”Hope Edelman, #1 New York Times bestselling author of Motherless Daughters and The Aftergrief

“I work with individuals and groups on self-care for a living, and I have never encountered a resource as rich and practical as this book.” – Shana Brodnax, Leadership Coach, 3 Birds Coaching

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Clarity Cards (free printable)

Access your inner wisdom with 40 printable self-coaching cards.

You already have the wisdom you seek. The questions on these cards will help you access it.

Each Clarity Card question helps with one of the following intentions:

  • Get Unstuck | Reclaim your momentum when struggling to make a change.
  • Decide Your Next Step | Move forward on an existing goal with confidence.
  • Snap Out of It | When facing a challenge, feel peaceful and empowered again.
  • Think Bigger | Focus on what matters most in this moment.

Download your free Clarity Cards (No email required)

colorful question cards

Coming soon

I Killed Mom and Other Lies I Tell Myself: A Memoir

When rule-abiding Mandy is seven, her doting mom dies at Christmastime from a brain aneurysm. Her rebellious brother becomes her only comfort in their emotionally-suppressive home. But he leaves her, too.

By her late twenties, Mandy has achieved everything expected of a good Midwestern girl: she’s married a nice man, bought a house, and excelled in her career. But after changing jobs, she finds herself bedbound by depression. Frustrated that she’s not over her losses yet, Mandy tries everything she can think of: penpalling, online shopping, psychotherapy, running… Once life begins to brighten, tragedy strikes a second time. But Mandy’s no quitter.

Both tear-jerking and hilarious, I Killed Mom and Other Lies I Tell Myself is a hopeful memoir of love, loss, and remembering how to play.

“Wonderful, poignant account of life after early loss and its repercussions.” –Laura Joyce-Hubbard, award-winning author

“A beautiful and honest look at the journey of depression. It is a portrait of how holding in your feelings can strangle you. I loved reading. One detail after the next rung so true to my inner child.” –Dixie Perkinson, actor and writer

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