About Me

I’m Mandy Kubicek, life coach and former software professional based in Omaha, Nebraska. I help achievers build careers they love.

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Why choose me

My superpower? I tell it how I see it. I’ve always been the one to say what others are afraid to say. As a coach, I ask important questions, share my honest opinions, and considers no topic (or feeling) off-limits. Coupled with my knack for creating a safe environment, my coaching is powerful.

With 13 years of diverse professional experience, I know firsthand about career change — most notably by transitioning from software leadership to a more meaningful career in life coaching. I’ve been there, and frankly I’m still there, constantly reassessing what “meaningful” means to me.

I’m a graduate of the best-in-class Martha Beck Institute Life Coach Training, as well as Byron Katie’s renowned School for the Work. You can read more on LinkedIn.

I think of myself as a catalyst to your transformation. You have everything you need to change your life. It’ll just be a lot quicker and easier with my help!

Why life coaching?

I love hearing about dreams. When someone shares a genuine desire, I literally feel it. It’s almost like I can see them living in this exciting future. Helping them bring these dreams into reality feels incredibly meaningful.

While I adore the impact that coaching has on my clients, I’ll admit that I also coach for kind of selfish reasons! Nothing is more important to me than my own healing and growth. As a coach, working on myself IS working on my business. Whether I’m having a tough day or dreaming up my next creative project, this “why” brings great meaning to my work.

My path to coaching

I’ve spent most of my life obsessed with finding the ideal career — a perfect blend of skills and interests and purpose. Work that I’d love enough to gush about at parties.

I fondly remember career week in middle school. I wanted to do my project on the career of EEG Technician, thinking it would feel meaningful since my mom died of a brain aneurysm when I was young. My teacher was surprised by my choice. I asked him what he thought I should pick.

“Why don’t you research something like CEO?” he suggested.

I started my career in software, where I excelled. Sometimes it was stressful. Sometimes it was really fun. But there was always this tugging at my heart. I wasn’t doing work that felt important. (Not to mention the ever present, low-level depression.)

I read books with titles like, “I Could Do Anything If I Only Knew What It Was.” My career ideas over the years included visual artist, radio DJ, paralegal, college business professor, non-fiction author, crochet pattern designer, executive director of a nonprofit, IT instructor…

When the depression became too much, I found an exceptional therapist, set a goal to “increase emotional healing to move toward fulfilling my purpose,” and spent five years digging deep. Eventually, I worked with life coaches too.

When I was drowning, therapy taught me to tread water. Coaching propelled me forward in the sea.

Well before hiring one, I added “life coach” to the Potential Careers list. I heard about this relatively new industry in one of the many self-help books I’d been scarfing down for a decade. I brought up the idea with some friends. (All signs pointed to life coach, but I still wanted to hear someone else say it!) They agreed. One friend even connected me with some coaches she knew. I made some phone calls. Ordered a textbook.

A year passed before I had the guts to pick up that textbook and read it. Another few months before I really committed to this dream by signing up for best-in-class training with the Martha Beck Institute.

My middle school teacher’s hunch proved true when I started Coach Kubicek. These days, I look forward to Monday morning. There are ups and downs, and my dreams change, but I feel at home with myself. I know I’m not just above water — I’m finally swimming in the right direction.