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How I left my 6-figure tech career

With Stuart Chittenden, host of Lives Radio Show, I talk about what coaching is, how I overcame my own limits to leave a software career and build a coaching business, and how the loss of my mother has shaped my life.

I help high-achieving women love their work.

I’m Mandy Kubicek, Professional Life Coach and former software leader in Omaha, Nebraska. I specialize in helping high-achieving women create work lives that they truly love.

My clients find clarity, confidence, focus, and momentum. Here are a few of their results:

  • Kate rekindled a soul-nourishing writing practice while working 30% fewer hours for the same salary
  • Christian stepped down from IT management to return to more enjoyable work, while reigniting his marriage
  • Annie created and sold out a series of classes she’d been dreaming about for years

Omaha Life Coach Mandy Kubicek

For me. For you. For them.

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Nothing is more important to me than my own spiritual growth. I coach for me, because a great life coach has to live it to give it.

I believe we’re born with desires (curiosities, interests) that show us how we can bring the most love into the world. I coach for you, to help you listen to those desires and create an unknowably bright ripple effect.

Anyone who knows me knows I love animals! I coach for them, too. We donate a portion of all sales to The Humane League, an international nonprofit and Top Charity that works to end the abuse of animals raised for food.

My approach

These principles guide my coaching and my life.

As a life coach, I make change easier.

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