About Mandy

About Mandy

Are you an achiever, skillfully getting things done yet feeling unsuccessful?

Do you want your work to make a meaningful difference in the world?

Wish that work left you with plenty of energy to enjoy your personal life, too?

I’ve been there

I know what it’s like to wake up one day, having worked your butt off since 3rd grade, your big life goals all checked off, and ask yourself, “Is this it?”

Friend, it doesn’t have to be!

I can help

I’m Mandy Kubicek, Life and Business Coach based in Omaha, Nebraska. I help high-achieving women love their work. (And by “work” I mean: anything you do with the intent to create value.)

I have helped dozens of people achieve some of their biggest dreams:

  • Rekindle a soul-nourishing writing practice while working 30% fewer hours for the same salary
  • Grow her unique business so she can transform other women’s lives
  • Step down from management to return to work he enjoys, while supercharging intimacy with his wife
  • Publish an impactful, one-of-a-kind book for grieving parents like her
  • Find satisfying work that lets him take multi-week trips with his wife and baby

Life’s too short to settle

Why waste any more time living someone else’s dreams, when you can have it all?

Can’t wait to connect!