Martha Beck Certified Life Coach

Before training with Martha Beck (aka Oprah’s life coach) and Byron Katie (thework.com), I spent 12 years building software products at companies as diverse as the international aerospace giant Boeing and the fast-growing tech startup Flywheel.

Surprising career change, right?

Throughout most of my software career, even though it was good, I questioned whether I was on the right path. I worried I was wasting my time because it wasn’t deeply meaningful work. But I didn’t know what to do instead. And trust me, I searched! As far back as middle school I gobbled up career assessments, eager to find my ideal career. Later in life it was Gallup StrengthsFinder, DiSC, Myers Briggs… and all the books at the library with “Life Purpose” in the title.

At the same time, I’ve long struggled with depression, anxiety, and grief. (Much of this began at age 7 when I became a Motherless Daughter.)

When it all became too much, I spent 5 years digging deep with an exceptional mental health therapist. Then, I worked with life coaches, and trained as one. The moment I experienced (quality) coaching, I was hooked. It’s like this:

When I was drowning, therapy taught me to tread water. Coaching propelled me forward in the sea.

And here’s the MOST IMPORTANT THING I’ve learned through all of this:

It’s not about feeling good. It’s about getting good at feeling.

And let me tell you, life is way more fun when you learn to question your thoughts and allow your feelings – all of them. If you want an easier, deeply enjoyable life (at work and beyond), I’d love to help.

In the media

Whether you want to feel inspired, identify your next action steps, or learn more about me, there’s something for you on this page of audio and video resources. You can download a podcast interview to make your next commute or treadmill run a little more fun, or watch a full-length, interactive workshop to help you reach your career goals.

I help high-achieving women love their work.

I’m Mandy Kubicek, Certified Life Coach and former software leader in Omaha, Nebraska. I specialize in helping high-achieving women create work lives they love.

My clients find clarity, confidence, focus, peace, and purpose. Here are a few of their results:

  • Desperate to figure out what she wanted to do with her life, Sarah found peace and an entirely new job that she loves.
  • An executive ready for a change, Sara learned stress-reduction strategies and found more fun right where she is.
  • Entrepreneur Annie shifted from scattered to focused and grew her business, both in dollars and satisfaction.

Omaha Life Coach Mandy Kubicek

My approach

These principles guide my coaching and my life.

To help us break the cycle of consumerism, I pledge to the ethical move in service of a new marketing standard based on transparency, trust, and honesty. Please connect with me if you see me not honoring my pledge.

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