woman feels stuck

How to make a decision when you feel stuck

Feeling stuck and wondering how to make a decision? The trick is to time travel. Yup, time travel. When you’re trying to decide between 2 or more options, it really helps. Let me explain. Do you feel stuck? Let’s say, for instance, you’re changing employers and have 2 job offers to consider. You’ve asked all […]

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What are you really good at? Are you doing it?

What are your greatest strengths, natural gifts, or most effortless activities? I’ve been asking myself this question because I’m considering a big work-related change. What I’ve discovered is that, while understanding one’s strengths is certainly a practical thing to do, it’s also really energizing! It’s like gifting myself with a big heart-warming dose of appreciation. […]

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woman with boring job at desk

4 steps to quickly make your job less boring

Are you bored at work? Getting tired of trying to inspire your team with fake enthusiasm? I’m betting you want to feel genuinely excited again, to have something besides the predictable paycheck to look forward to. But at the same time, you’re not ready for any big changes, especially given the uncertainty and stress of the […]

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close-up of adorable brown vole nibbling on something

How to realize your dreams, according to a rodent (or a scientist, depending on where your trust lies)

I saw what I think was a meadow vole on my run this morning. He looked like a rat, but with a blunt nose and smaller ears. He scurried across the path and burrowed under the fallen needles and grassy ground cover, disappearing. Naturally, I came home and Googled “vole symbolism.”  Today’s message from the […]

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Celebrating wins is effective—here are 3 reasons why

“What wins are you celebrating?” When I ask a new client this, they’re usually hesitant to answer. The reason tends to be something like this: “Celebrate? Why would I do that? I haven’t reached my goal yet.” Here’s the thing. When I encourage you to acknowledge your wins, I’m not just being your cheerleader, and […]

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Advanced mindfulness: the 3 levels of being present

Despite endless inspirational quotes pasted over ocean photography, you might not know precisely what “being present” means in its advanced mindfulness form.  I used to experience presence as primarily a mental thing: shifting my attention to what’s happening now, instead of thinking about the past or future. That’s part of it, but there are two […]

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bob and mandy kubicek

Want to feel more grateful? Do these 2 things.

“Should we do the gratitude thing?” my husband asked me the other night, our bodies spooning together under the crisp cotton sheet and quilt.  “Sure.” My husband recently suggested we try out this new evening ritual. It wasn’t planned so much as invented out of necessity amidst some stressful workdays. We lull ourselves to sleep […]

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An ideal day visualization to quickly improve your work life

What if you could noticeably improve your career overnight? I’m not talking about a dramatic change, necessarily, but a noticeable one: a quantifiable amount of improvement very, very quickly. This is what’s possible with my Lunch with Oprah ideal day visualization, adapted from the work of Martha Beck. What follows is a shortened version of […]

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scheduling in day planner

If you hate Sunday nights, learn these 4 principles

Do you hate Sunday nights because you can’t stop thinking about how much you dread going to work? Is it getting harder to put on a happy face for your team? Maybe you feel tired and frustrated, but also trapped, having no idea what you want to do instead. If so, you’ve probably taken career assessments, read […]

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What I learned on my 3-week break from social media

I recently took a three week break from social media. As I wrote about early on, I chose to take a break from social media because I had a hunch that it was detrimental to my wellness.  I decided to avoid all forms—which, for me, meant Instagram, Facebook, and LinkedIn, including both personal and business […]

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