A toolbox for creating lasting change with Anne Thompson

Posted on Oct 10, 2019

Anne Thompson

What would a healing practitioner say about how to deal with our strange political environment?

I recently met with Anne Thompson—founder of Healing Spirit and EarthOmaha.com—on the sunny patio of an Omaha coffee shop

Also known as EcoAnnie, Anne uses her MS in Psychology; certifications in hypnotherapy, energy work, and yoga; and her own dramatic life change experiences to guide people through life transformation. A passionate environmentalist, she also educates on the health of the planet.

Anne was decked out in Bohemian attire for our interview, down to the bright boho bag she told me she had sewn with her daughter from an old patchwork skirt. You know how some people just light up a room and make you smile? That’s Anne.

Read on to see what Anne says about living a full life, covering topics as diverse as politics and intuition.

Easy steps to help Mama Earth

Mandy Kubicek: You’re known as EcoAnnie because you care so deeply for the Earth! As you know, I’m big on teeny tiny action steps. What are some little things we can do to help the environment?

Anne Thompson: There are so many easy ways you can help create a healthier planet!

Ask questions, build awareness, just notice. Think local. Appreciate the Earth, plants and animals. 

Buy less stuff. Reuse or buy used when possible. Refuse to use plastic when possible. Share with your neighbors. Buy produce without packaging. Use both sides of a piece of paper. Buy recycled products.

Allow “weeds” to grow. Toss your kitchen scraps into your yard or a compost pile. Leave your lawn clippings on your yard. Mulch your leaves. Plant flowers, bushes, and trees that support wildlife and the planet. Use a rain barrel to water your plants. Catch as much rain as you can in your yard.

Divest from big banks that support the pipeline, pharmaceuticals, and Monsanto. Support companies that care about the earth and the people. 

“Be patient with yourself and others.” – Anne Thompson

And be patient with yourself and others in the process of transitioning to an Earth-healthier lifestyle!

The state of our nation

Mandy Kubicek: There are so many infuriating things in the news these days. I wish I could contribute more without feeling overwhelmed. What do you think we can do to solve our country’s biggest social issues? 

Anne Thompson: When you look at how a family operates, how a business operates, or a country, it’s really all a reflection of the emotional health of the people involved.

Our president is the shadow side of America rearing its ugly head. That’s a good thing, because it needs to be seen and acknowledged, and simultaneously, we can heal and move more and more into our hearts to change how we interact with one another.

So what do I do about that? In addition to taking actions that feel right to me, I focus on healing my own emotional wounds so I can love better.

We all affect one another. When one person makes a change, it affects the whole. It’s the little things, like you talk about. In each moment, learning to be aware of your own intentions, how open your heart is to those you are with, noticing where we are judging another and ourselves, or closing ourselves off.

You practice it here, in your own moment wherever you are, and the effect grows to those around you and beyond.

The 3 ingredients of your self-love toolbox

Mandy Kubicek: What have you learned that you’d want anyone just getting started to know? 

Anne Thompson: Be authentic! People love heartfelt, vulnerable authenticity, and they will be drawn to you when you show them your light.

Pay as much attention as you can to your intuition, including how you feel emotionally about what you are doing and experiencing around you. Let that be your guide. Set your intentions clearly and follow your intuition on which action to take next. Don’t expect to know how to do it all, because you won’t. Just hold your clear intention and take some action. You’ll find your way.

“Set your intentions clearly. Follow your intuition. Take some action.” – Anne Thompson

Find people who can help you learn the skills you need. If you’re scared, find someone to help you move past your fears because you’ve TOTALLY got this!

Learning how to apply these concepts

Mandy Kubicek: These are such important concepts! I find that things like authenticity and intuition can be hard to put my finger on. Is there any way people can learn more about how to apply these techniques to their everyday life?

Anne Thompson: Yes! So many people ask me, how do I connect with my heart to access my inner wisdom? I’m excited to announce that registration is now open for my Self-Healing Classes! You’ll experience the transformational power of the heart as we explore mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual healing over the course of 5 weeks. We start October 16, 2019.

Apply here! [Registration has closed. You can visit Anne on Facebook here.]