How to realize your dreams, according to a rodent (or a scientist, depending on where your trust lies)

Posted on Jul 6, 2021

close-up of adorable brown vole nibbling on something

I saw what I think was a meadow vole on my run this morning. He looked like a rat, but with a blunt nose and smaller ears. He scurried across the path and burrowed under the fallen needles and grassy ground cover, disappearing.

Naturally, I came home and Googled “vole symbolism.” 

Today’s message from the Universe

Raina Noire says that the vole “symbolizes both destruction and rebirth. We have to tear down negative thought patterns or habits to move forward in our lives.”

Funny. I just read something similar in Why Quantum Physicists Do Not Fail by Greg Kuhn. He writes, “I can guarantee that, if you have an unrealized desire, dream, or goal, your true beliefs about that material object or experience are negative and not aligned with that desire.”

What to do with this message

How do you want to move forward in your life? What unrealized dream is weighing heaviest on your heart these days?

What unrealized dream is weighing on your heart?

For now, forget about the actions you’d need to take to realize this dream. Forget about the research, the money to save, etc. Your next and most crucial step is awareness. 

Take out a sheet of paper and write the general subject of your dream at the top: money, marriage, meaningful work… 

Under that, copy down this sentence (from Kuhn’s book): “I currently believe… but I believe that, with practiced effort, I can learn to tell better stories about this over time.” (I won’t go into it here, but know that this is a statement you can play with to gradually align your true beliefs and your desires.)

Now, write down all of the unpleasant beliefs you have related to your dream. When you think about your dream and feel tense, sad, angry, afraid… why? What’s the belief that’s causing that emotion? (This unpleasant feeling is GOLD btw – it’s information! It’s like a loving head’s up, letting you know when you have a belief that’s inconsistent with your desire.)

Your next crucial step: Write down the stressful beliefs you have related to your dream.

I was able to fill a notebook page about my business in less than 10 minutes.

Remember: NO JUDGMENT! None of this is as serious as your brain wants you to believe. You’re just mining for thought forms that happened to have become habitual, like Midwest kids mining for Fool’s Gold on the summer family vacation. And you’re doing this so you can take a step closer to that thrilling dream that’s patiently tap-tap-tapping at your heart.

Need more help?

If you get stuck or have questions, just email me! I’m here to help because when you pursue your dreams, we all win.

Photo by DSD