Belief Systems

Posted on May 15, 2017


What beliefs spring up in your mind most days? How helpful are those beliefs? For those that you could live without… how do you replace them?

A belief is a feeling of certainty about something. A belief is not a fact – more so, a choice. We can change our beliefs, ditching the ones that bring us down (“I’m not good enough at this job”) and magnifying the delightful ones (“I’m generous”).

In his book Awaken the Giant Within, Tony Robbins compares a belief to a table. The more legs it has to hold it up – references or experiences that back it up – the sturdier it stands.

Try this exercise to pinpoint a belief that brings you down & kick its legs out from under it.

1. For 10 minutes, brainstorm all the beliefs you have: empowering and disempowering, little and big, if-then beliefs (“If I had another $X, then I’d feel secure”), global beliefs (“People are basically good”).

2. Review your list. Think about the consequences some of these beliefs are having on your life.  Then, circle the most disempowering belief.

3. With this belief in mind, answer the following questions:

How is this belief absurd?
Was the person I learned this belief from worth modeling in this area?
What will it ultimately cost me emotionally if I don’t let go of this belief?
What will it cost me in my relationships?
What will it cost me physically?
What will it cost me financially?

4. Focus on what this belief has been costing you. Linking pain with the belief will help you want to get rid of it.

5. Finally, write down an empowering replacement belief. For example, if you wrote “I’m not good enough at my job”, maybe your opposite is “I’m great at my job!” What are some references you have to back up this belief? Find some legs for your new belief to stand on.

Return to this reflection regularly and watch magic happen.