Announcing: The Clarity Experience 2019

Posted on Apr 1, 2019

ocean and mountains

As many of you know, I’ve been working on creating my biggest event yet. Get ready for an intimate, week-long experience coming to you this September 1st-7th!

Tickets go on sale soon. And, as my loyal reader, I have a special gift for you! Today, I’m opening up just 3 spots for pre-registration. Keep reading to find out how to reserve your ticket before these spots sell out!

Who This Experience Is For

If you are an achiever who wants to stop hustling and build a career you truly love, this experience is for you!

You might be looking for clarity, still figuring out what you want. Or maybe you left your first career and are a few years into running your own business. Wherever you are on your journey, if you love to get things done and believe there is a hustle-free way to make an impact, this is for you!

The Results

Expect an energizing release of what isn’t serving you today.

Expect profound clarity about the life you want and your unique next steps for creating it.

Expect a wealth of experiential reference points, practices, and ideas for continuing to take wise action.

Expect a new community of people eager to support you in fulfilling these dreams.

The Space

We’ll be staying in remote modern cabins on the coast of southern Oregon, surrounded by both ocean and mountains. We’ll be alone but for the horses, goats, dogs, and other creatures who live at the animal sanctuary located nearby.

When is the last time you fell asleep to the sound of ocean waves?

Or walked with squirrels through redwoods?

The Setup

Bring your old school analog watch because this experience is 100% screen free. Not kidding!

Have you had the joy yet of disconnecting from the Internet for days at a time? The first time I did this, I was shocked at how often my hand reached towards the table beside me, expecting my phone to be there. As if I needed to check Facebook before I could take another bite of food.

What are your digital addictions?

Do you even know?

The Activity

Our week will be a blend of unstructured and structured time, each steeped in silence, presence, and connecting with your inner wisdom.

You might take a walk through nature, hang with the rescued animals, create a vision collage in the Art Room, or take a nap outside.

We’ll come together to discuss powerful questions. We’ll partner up to do deep work with our limiting beliefs. Every participant will also have a one-on-one coaching session with me, where we can transform your biggest issue.

How to Reserve Your Spot

If you’re as excited about this experience as I am… April fool!

Hah! This retreat is a dream of mine, and it’s not happening this year.

I wonder, do YOU have a vision that is so crystal clear and specific? Can you picture your ideal future with all of your senses?

If not, there’s something you’re telling yourself that’s getting in your way. Your beliefs are tricking you into thinking you don’t know what you want.

“Our mental stories prevent us from hearing our inner wisdom.”

Mandy Kubicek

If you want to create more empowering stories, so you can hear your inner wisdom more clearly, check out this worksheet To Love Your Career, Question the Rules.

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