Lead Magnet Sales Multiplier

A 1-month consulting package to tighten your lead magnet so it’s incredibly simple, powerful, and engaging, and takes your conversions from okay to well above average

Your lead magnets are good. They could be great.

You’re not one to settle. You want to easily convey your message in a way that’s

I want that for you, too.

Let’s create a dramatic increase in conversion from your free content.

You can clarify and tighten up your message without having to figure out where it’s off or what to say instead—I’ll show you exactly what to change, why, and how.

This is my superpower. I use it professionally and in my personal life.

A couple of years ago, I was standing in the long restroom line at my husband’s employer’s annual holiday party. As my spouse’s coworker and I got to chatting, she gushed about him being a talented speaker. I agreed—my husband gives spectacular presentations. And I know the secret weapon he’s applying.

Every few months or so, as a Senior Product Director at a tech company, Bob presents to an audience of dozens (or hundreds) of coworkers about his team’s strategy and results. Those mornings, you’ll inevitably find him working from his makeshift home office at our dining room table, wearing nothing but pajama pants. I’ll be sitting in a chair beside the table admiring his thick chest hair. Green tea in hand, I’ll watch him practice, then tap into my information-organizing superpower. I quickly show him how to simplify and add clarifying context, taking his delivery from solid to exceptionally clear and engaging.

You can utilize this secret weapon, too. Your lead magnets, presentations, and other content can be fun, memorable, and even life changing. Especially since what you have to share is likely more thrilling to your ideal clients than my husband’s strategic updates are to his coworkers. 🤪 Plus, it can convert at much higher rates so that the next time you log into your Stripe dashboard, you see twice as many sales.

Your gut is telling you that your lead magnet could be making far more sales than the industry average.

You might not know why your conversions are the industry standard 2% when your gut is telling you that 10 or 20% of these people want to say Yes to more from you. This is totally normal. One of the hardest things about being an expert sharing her wisdom is that it’s hard to remember the beginner’s journey. It can be impossible to see where a newbie is likely to get stuck when you’ve been integrating the information for years. Or, you might know that your audience struggles with a particular element, and you don’t know how to simplify it.

If you’re in this position and don’t yet see the path forward, I have great news.

When I look at other people’s presentations and training content, this path reveals itself to me. Typically, all it takes is a little tidying up so that a beginner can feel safe staying on the journey from their worldview to yours. 

I created the Lead Magnet Sales Multiplier so that your expertise can reach all of the people who need it. Like an editor who helps mold an author’s work into a widely-enjoyed finished book, I will help your creativity shine in a way that’s easier for your ideal people to connect with. It will be incredibly simple, powerful, and engaging, which will take your conversions from okay to well above average.

Because, screw average!

Lead Magnet Sales Multiplier

A 1-month consulting package to tighten your lead magnet so it’s incredibly simple, powerful, and engaging, and takes your conversions from okay to well above average

Here’s the magic we’ll create together.

As a result of this program, you’ll have:

How it works

To create a dramatic increase in conversions from one free webinar, live presentation, video series, or other lead-generating content, I’ll give you a comprehensive makeover plan that you can easily implement to enjoy higher participation, engagement, and conversions.

Here’s what this looks like:

WEEK 1 – Quick Kick-OffYou’ll choose 1 free opt-in (such as a pdf workbook, 3-part video series, or 45-minute webinar) for us to focus on throughout this program. You’ll fill out a short form about your content’s purpose and current performance, as well as provide access to the lead magnet materials themselves. (For example, for a webinar, you might provide a webinar recording, slideshow, and script notes.)

WEEKS 2 & 3 – Done-for-You Optimization Analysis – I’ll dive in while you serve your clients, pursue a new income stream, or take extra naps.

As I review and rewrite your material, I’ll cover these 4 areas at a minimum:

  1. Outline and structure (e.g. an inspiring progression of material)
  2. Formats (e.g. inclusive of common learning styles)
  3. Engagement (e.g. consistently integrated, doable, and enjoyable)
  4. Language (e.g. clear transitions, simple language instead of expert lingo, and concrete examples)

Where applicable, I’ll also invent new memorable imagery to describe important and complex topics. These might be a new visual model, a vivid metaphor, or an acronym to reflect your unique framework.

You are great at what you do and have created high-quality content. If you’re not yet seeing the results of your dreams, your lead magnet just needs a little tweaking. These adjustments will increase your conversion rate because you’ll capture and hold their attention, prevent confusion, and make your lessons easy to digest—all of which builds a sense of trust and safety so that they can say Yes to more.

Two weeks after our kick-off, you’ll receive your feedback and optimizations in the following ways:

  1. Marked-up materials with what to change, why, and how, with examples provided as needed to illustrate the suggestion
  2. A concise supplemental video to highlight what’s working best and clarify my feedback with screen sharing, when useful
  3. New written copy that you can use as-is or adjust with any final edits
  4. Sample mockups of any new visual concepts that you can take to your graphic designer for polishing

WEEK 4 – Implementation Call – We’ll connect over video conference to answer your questions and coach you through any challenges that may show up as you begin implementing the sales multiplying suggestions.


This program is expected to launch to the public in mid 2024. 

If I’ve personally invited you, just let me know Yes, please! or Not now, thanks. As soon as we confirm your commitment, I’ll email you within 2 business days with your next steps.

To request early and steeply discounted access in exchange for your honest, enthusiastic testimonial, email me at CoachKubicek@gmail.com and tell me more about why you’d be a great candidate for the Lead Magnet Sales Multiplier.

Who this program is for

  1. You’re a course creator, coach, or other online entrepreneur.
  2. You’ve already created and published at least one lead magnet.
  3. You’d like to see higher conversions, such as more email list subscribers, more sales, etc.
  4. You don’t want to waste any more time spinning your wheels with edits because you know it would be a better, more efficient use of your time to recruit expert help.
  5. AS AN EARLY INVITEE – You’re willing to apply the provided feedback in a way that feels authentic to you and promote your free offer so that we can see and measure your results shortly after our work together.

Who this program is not for

  1. You’re an entrepreneur who hasn’t yet created and delivered a free presentation or other lead magnet.
  2. You’re looking for someone to write your content for you.
  3. You’re looking for video editing, graphic design, or other audio/video production skills, rather than enhancement of the content itself. 
  4. You’re not excited about getting direct feedback about how to simplify, adjust, and enhance your work.
  5. You don’t plan to promote and deliver this lead magnet in the next two to three months.

It’s time to easily call in more of your dream clients.

Our work together will have a massive impact on you, your audience, and your bank account. You’ll spend way less time at your laptop tweaking slideshows, see your audience’s eyeballs while you’re presenting instead of their shaded lids, and get more inquiries in your inbox without more hours of strategic audience-expanding Facebooking. You’ll also provide your people with long-lasting value, whether they buy or not.

Five or six years ago, a colleague lent me the book Present over Perfect by Shauna Niequist. There was one metaphor she shared that I still remember and use. She suggests we think of prayer as being a vinegar and oil salad dressing. You know how they separate, the rich oil dropping below the acidic vinegar? Prayer-like practices are potent when, instead of pretending that the vinegar (fear, negativity, judgment) isn’t there, you allow it to pour out. This gives the oil (love, truth, beauty) a chance to rise to the surface. Every so often, when I sit down for my morning free-write, I remember this image and feel motivated. And, as I’m doing now, I share the image and its source with others.

This is the kind of powerful imagery you can infuse into your work, too, to make a lasting impact on your clients for years into the future—even with something as “small” as a lead magnet. 

At the end of the day, no one will remember your smart, alliterative tagline. But they will remember the story you told about your burly, shirtless husband practicing his presentation. This is one of the ways we’ll tighten your message and inspire more of your ideal clients to invest with you.

Hi, I’m Mandy Kubicek (she/her).

I’m known for bringing clarity to chaos.

When I started my career as a Software Engineer, I stood out for my ability to bridge communication gaps. This pattern of distilling, simplifying, and clarifying continued whether I was delivering inspiring strategic plans as Head of Product at a high-growth tech startup, or coaching hundreds of high-achieving and dissatisfied women with my unique Agile-inspired Love Monday Method. I’ve also authored two successful creative nonfiction books.

No matter the context, I nimbly dive into complex information and bring simplicity to the surface.

A lifelong learner and navel-gazer, I’m a Certified Martha Beck Wayfinder Life Coach, have staffed the Byron Katie School for the Work, and have an MBA from Washington University in St. Louis. I’m excited to learn from you, too!

Do you want higher lead magnet conversions?

This program is expected to launch to the public in mid 2024. 

If I’ve personally invited you, just let me know Yes, please! or Not now, thanks. As soon as we confirm your commitment, I’ll email you within 2 business days with your next steps.

To request early and steeply discounted access in exchange for your honest, enthusiastic testimonial, email me at CoachKubicek@gmail.com and tell me more about why you’d be a great candidate for the Lead Magnet Sales Multiplier.

Frequently Asked Questions

What if I’m not trying to get sales from my lead magnet? I want some other form of engagement.

Perfect! Our goal is to increase your conversions. When I say conversions, I mean the % of people who take the action you MOST want them to take. Often this is money in the bank (by increasing the % of people who book a sales call & maintaining your sales close rates). Sometimes, this is a few funnel steps away from a sale, e.g. having them join your Facebook group or other online community.

Don’t worry—before we get started, we’ll talk through the ideal CTA. We’ll also work through any mindset muck that might be getting in the way of asking for what you really want.

How big/long can my lead magnet be?

This program is perfect for bite-sized free content that maxes out at about 1 hour of video. If you want to improve more than one lead magnet, great! We’ll focus on one at a time so you can deliver value ASAP.

Will you look at my email series?

Yes, as part of Lead Magnet Sales Magnifier, I’ll edit the email sequence that accompanies your lead magnet in order to maximize your conversion rate. This sometimes includes writing an additional email or two, but I don’t dream up and write entirely new email sequences. (If you know that this is something you want, let me know. I have a brilliant colleague who writes highly-converting email foundation sequences, which tends to be a 4 to 6-month one-on-one engagement: Sandra Halling.)

Can we work on my eCourse, too?

Absolutely! I’d love to create powerful and memorable models for your work. If you have educational content with ~2+ hours of video material, whether in draft or final form, my eCourse program would be great for you. Email me to learn more: CoachKubicek@gmail.com.

What others have said

“Mandy makes everything really easy for clients. She has an amazing presence and makes it fun. I would select Mandy to work with again.” —Sara Hanson, Realtor

“So excited that I’m finally doing this!!” —HN, Financial Wellness Coach and Teacher who enjoyed more referrals and client testimonials after our work together

Anne Thompson

“Mandy helped me prioritize and make my classes a thing! My income immediately increased. I loved the time I spent with Mandy!” —Annie Graterra, Owner/Founder at Annie Graterra Soul Healing 

OMG, you are the best feedback-giver ever!! This will make the piece so much stronger!” —SB, Leadership Coach and Facilitator

Lindsay Wolfe Google Ads expert

“Working with Mandy was truly an incredible experience. And my business has been able to grow!” —Lindsay Wolfe, Google & Social Media Ads Expert

“Mandy is a brilliant coach. Without fail, I come away from our sessions together invigorated with fresh perspective and renewed faith in my abilities.” —Teagan Miller, Life Coach and Tarot Reader