Do you need a life coach? (Or can you DIY?)

Posted on Aug 24, 2020

my home office with DIY materials like a calendar, books, and a vision board

Can’t I just read a book, take a class, or (insert other quick fix here)?

I wondered this before I hired my first business coach, and I STILL think it often. I’m a learner, a doer, a DIY-er (as evidenced by the vision board, self-help book shelf, wall calendar goal tracker shown above.) Can’t I just…?

Here’s the thing:

If it was just about the information, I wouldn’t have the joy of sifting through shelves and shelves of self-help books at Half Price Books! 😜

And, it’s also a matter of timing.

How to know if you need a life coach

It’s really all about timing.

Often, I find that a DIY step – reading a book, engaging with a webinar, listening to a podcast as I walk around my neighborhood, engrossing myself in a session of morning free-flow journaling – is EXACTLY what I need (to spring into action, to refocus on what’s most important, to spur a creative idea…) 

And sometimes, I get stuck. 

If I don’t have A+ people in my corner to turn to, and a solid enough relationship that I feel comfortable reaching out when I’m at a low, I can spend a looooooong time stuck. Which is fine, and maybe sometimes necessary (barf why do I always have to FEEL my feelings? 🙃), but you don’t want it to be your NORM.

How to avoid staying stuck

Who do you have in your corner? Close friends, colleagues, a therapist, a coach? An informal workout group? A spiritual community?

What’s one thing you can do today to say thanks to one of these wonderful humans?

Gratitude. Changes. Everything.

And if you’re feeling your corner isn’t at capacity, what’s one step you can take today toward filling out your crew? (Whether it’s hiring a life coach, or something else.)

Remember, people love helping people! 

To receive is to give. 💖