Get more done (part 3): Why and how to review your goals

Posted on Aug 7, 2019

review your goals

So you’ve set your goals, created a plan to achieve them, and are taking action. But do you review your goals regularly? As you move forward, do you take the time to look back? 

Ask any project manager: plans are meant to be changed! 

To reach your goals as quickly as possible, you have to slow down enough to appreciate how far you’ve come, learn from this progress, and adjust your plan.

Review your goals: the basics

Review your progress on a regular and consistent basis. 

Decide on a review cadence and the content of your goal reviews. Then schedule them.

Guard this precious time

Be sure to protect this time. 

If you miss a review session, reschedule it, and reflect on why you missed it. What are you telling yourself is more important than your dreams? Are you afraid of something? Or do you need to adjust your sessions to make them more valuable?

An example plan to review your goals

Annual (1-2 hours): review vision and core values; review annual goals, wins, lessons learned; set goals for next year

Quarterly (1 hour): review vision, values, and goals; review quarterly wins and lessons learned; set goals for the next quarter 

Monthly (30 minutes): review vision and quarterly goals; review monthly wins and lessons learned; update desired feelings

Weekly (30 minutes): review vision and quarterly goals; review weekly wins and lessons learned; set weekly focus; schedule everything.

Daily (15 minutes): review weekly focus; review daily wins; review calendar appointments; create daily success list

Tools to try

The whole shebang

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