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There’s nothing quite like the uncontrollable ripple effect of speaking my truth.

I share my experience generously and trust that it travels to where it’s most needed. My audiences learn, laugh, and leave inspired. Sometimes my words reach a person at that perfect moment—everything comes together, she takes action, and her life is forever different.

If I can support your audience and inspire them to action, let’s talk! Email me at

Why I Became a Life Coach

Flight simulators, a 2 hour crying session, and the 1 thing we need to believe in our dreams. Doris Ptolemy, host of the Facebook group Inspiration: Women’s Inner Circle interviewed me in video. Check it out!

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Get to Know the Spoon

In this Season Finale of the podcast Normal Paranormal, Adam and Erica Trabold interview me “about some of the least understood paranormal phenomena out there…the ones that live inside of ourselves. We might even have a #realweird surprise at the end…”

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The University of Nebraska-Lincoln Raikes School produces an alumni newsletter. I was interviewed and featured in the Raikes Alumni Spotlight.

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