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Make your next commute or workout a bit more fun and inspiring by listening to one of my popular radio, podcast, or video interviews.

How I left my 6-figure tech career

In my first on-air conversation with Stuart Chittenden, host of Lives Radio Show, I talk about what coaching is, how I overcame my own limits to leave a software career and build a coaching business, and how the loss of my mother has shaped my life.

Listen here. (October 2019)

Getting good at grieving

Dr. Jasmine Sandoval interviewed me on her show, Comfort Kills. We talk about grief, being present, and getting good at feeling. 

Watch on YouTube or listen here. (March 2021)

3 steps of career design

Katlynn Pyatt, owner of Authentic Branding and Marketing, interviewed me for her podcast Startup Marketing. Learn the 3 steps of my Love Monday Method for career design and how to apply it to your personal and/or business brand.

Listen here. (February 2021)

Spoon bending, and other weird adventures

On the season finale of Normal Paranormal, I spoke with Erica and Adam Trabold about some of the least understood paranormal phenomena out there… the ones that live inside of ourselves.

Listen on Apple. (November 2018)

Photo credit: Creative Mornings Omaha