What apple trees are teaching us about marketing

Posted on Apr 24, 2024

pink apple tree blossoms in early spring in southeast nebraska

Last autumn, the couple who we bought land from drove by the property and immediately called us.

“We haven’t seen that many apples on those trees in years! What did you do?”

I adore my new (to me) tree babies! For the past few seasons, we’ve been pruning away the dead, overlapping, and weaker limbs, making space so the remaining branches can get enough sunlight to thrive. This past weekend, it meant cutting some limbs with dozens of flowers already blooming. Ouch! 

But I’m getting more and more comfortable cutting away the good to uncover the great.

Our fearful brain tells us that less is dangerous. But the truth is that when we trim away the excess, we get SO MUCH MORE fruit from our labor. Here, the tree’s energy isn’t stretched too thin. The sunshine can filter through effortlessly. We humans can reach the apples without hauling out a ladder. And we can apply what works in nature to everything else, including our businesses.

If your free content isn’t yet working for you in a way that feels as lush and thriving as my apple tree babies, do not chop it down! Most likely, your webinars & presentations just need a little pruning to engage your ideal peeps and exude that professional, clean energy that calls them in.

If you can’t quite see where or how to change your message, I’d love to help you. Lead Magnet Sales Multiplier is open for enrollment. If you’re at all curious, let’s chat! I’ll help you decide which single lead magnet to focus your energy on so you can do less while bringing in more conversions and sales.