Does this sound like you?

Are you fed up with a job that doesn’t feel like it matters?

Wonder why you’re working so hard at a career you’re not crazy about?

Are you stuck because you don’t know what you want? Or maybe you have a hunch, but think there’s no way you could make your move right now?

Do you often feel like you’re not doing enough, like there’s never enough time, money, or energy?

Do you have a “someday?” As in, have you been saving up so that in 10+ years you can do the work you really want to do?

If you’re thinking (or blurting out) “Yes!” to any of this, you’re in the right place!

I would love to help you build your dream career.

Wherever you are on your career transition journey, I can make that journey quicker and easier. I help self-reflective, mid-career women like you build their dream career.

I do this with my Learner, Dreamer, and Doer superpowers. I ask insightful questions to get to the root of an issue. I see energizing visions of what could be. And I know how to get things done.

Ready to get started?

Enjoy my free resources, schedule yourself a free coaching session, and read about my 1:1 programs.

Today is someday. It’s time to treat yourself. And if you can’t do it for you, do it for us! The world deserves to know your superpowers. 💖


PC: Kimberly Bailey