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How I can help

I have helped dozens of creative, purpose-driven achievers discover meaningful work, and make a bigger impact with more ease:

  • I’ve helped individuals clarify their career and life priorities. One client stepped down from management to return to work he enjoyed, while enjoying deeper intimacy with his wife.
  • I’ve helped professionals (from tech employees to new entrepreneurs) feel less stress and more confidence in their job.
  • I’ve helped individuals decide which job offer is right for them.
  • I’ve helped folks embrace creative hobbies, both as revenue generators and outside of their professions.
  • I’ve helped my clients develop plans that took them from feeling stuck to moving forward joyfully.
  • I’ve shared my inspired ideas of what’s possible. One woman went on to publish an impactful, one-of-a-kind book for grieving parents.
  • I’ve helped professionals level up so they can excel, both in existing and new roles.

One client’s story

Here’s how one of my clients made career changes she didn’t think possible.

When I started coaching Teagan, she had just quit her full-time job to focus on building her own coaching business. As you’d expect with such a major life change, she felt intense anxiety at times. What if I can’t make money? I don’t know how to do this!

As Teagan’s awareness grew, she took more scary steps towards her dreams. She started having fun exploring parts of herself she had been hiding. And it paid off. Turns out the hobby she adores — reading Tarot cards — is also a valued service. Now, reading Tarot is an essential part of her unique and growing business.

Before our work together, she never would have imagined that she’d be giving Tarot readings to excited workshop participants, and teaching entrepreneurs how to use Tarot to maximize their business results. Though her journey as an entrepreneur is just beginning, she’s blurring the lines of work and play like never before.

What seems impossible for you? If you had a magic wand, what would you change about your career?

Ready to change your life?

If you’re unfulfilled and wonder “what’s next?” I can help you discover and do more meaningful work.

If you’ve started a business and feel overwhelmed, I can help you make a bigger impact with more ease.

Learn how we can work together to change your life.

PC: Kimberly Bailey