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Why you’re here

You are dissatisfied with your career. Sure, there are things you like about your job. Otherwise you wouldn’t be doing it. But it’s not enough.

Unfortunately, you feel stuck and directionless. You’ve been unable to move forward in a meaningful way. You’re not even sure what you want.

You’re an achiever. You’re ambitious and love to get things done. Your life might feel like a mess at times, but it certainly doesn’t look like a mess!

You’re a thinker. You constantly use your clever mind to solve hard problems. And you’re pretty damn good at it. But with this problem, your extensive analysis hasn’t yet proven effective.

You’re creative too. You funnel most of your creative energy into your intellectually-demanding work. You’d love to be more creative, to express more parts of yourself, but it doesn’t seem to fit into your life right now.

Is my coaching right for you?

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Why choose me

My superpower? I tell it how I see it. I’ve always been the one to say what others are afraid to say. As a coach, I ask important questions, share my honest opinions, and considers no topic (or feeling) off-limits. Coupled with my knack for creating a safe environment, my coaching is powerful.

With 13 years of diverse professional experience, I know firsthand about career change — most notably by transitioning from software leadership to life coaching. I’ve been there, and frankly I’m still there, constantly reassessing what “meaningful” means to me.

I’m a graduate of the best-in-class Martha Beck Institute Life Coach Training, as well as Byron Katie’s renowned School for the Work.

If you want to love your work, I can help.

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PC: Kimberly Bailey