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My Worldview

These are the principles that guide me in my coaching and in my life.

I believe in living life authentically. I believe that the most satisfying kind of human connection comes only from openness and vulnerability.

I believe each of us is powerful beyond our wildest imagination. I believe with optimism that the past is meaningful, the present is beautiful, and the future is unknowably bright.

I believe each of us is surrounded with gifts, and by simply noticing these gifts with gratitude, we can have more of what we desire in this present moment.

I believe that the more joyful energy we use, the more we create. I believe in pursuing life with childlike enthusiasm for the not-yet-discovered.

I believe in lifelong learning and growth. (It’s even the theme of my first tattoo!)

I believe everyone is worthy of love, and everyone deserves forgiveness. I believe each of us is on our own unique journey, doing our best with what we have.