Are you in love with Monday morning yet?

Why you’re here

You’ve been successful in your career. Your coworkers would even say you’re exceptional. But something has been off lately. You’re exhausted. Unmotivated. Both busy and bored.

Is this what burnout feels like?

To be honest? Your job isn’t just run-of-the-mill stressful. It feels meaningless. You want your work to make an impact. You want to leave a legacy.

Surely there’s something more than this.

Meanwhile, you’re responsible. An achiever. You set high goals for yourself, personally and professionally, and you tend to reach them. Yet right now, with your career, you feel stuck — as if you’ve lost control of your own career.

Why can’t I fix this?

You crave self-expression. Whatever your favorite art form — writing, drumming, gardening — you’ve been avoiding it. Actually,  you’ve been avoiding a lot of things you love. Sometimes you feel like you’re living a dual life: the work you and the rest of you. What if instead, your whole life felt like an authentic expression of you?

I’m not even sure who I am anymore.

You’re open. Open to sharing vulnerable feelings with a genuine, judgement-free coach. Open to questioning the boundaries you’re living within today. And open to taking small, scary steps towards what you most desire.

It’s go time.

Why choose me

My superpower? I tell it how I see it. I’ve always been the one to say what others are afraid to say. As a coach, I ask important questions, share my honest opinions, and considers no topic (or feeling) off-limits. Coupled with my knack for creating a safe environment, my coaching is exceptionally powerful.

With 13 years of diverse professional experience, I know firsthand about career change — most notably by transitioning from software leadership to a more meaningful career in life coaching. I’ve been there, and frankly I’m still there, constantly reassessing what “meaningful” means to me.

I’m a graduate of the best-in-class Martha Beck Institute Life Coach Training, as well as Byron Katie’s renowned School for the Work. In short: I know my shizz.

I can help you efficiently, sustainably transition into a meaningful career.

Ready to get started?

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PC: Kimberly Bailey