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Fall in love with Monday morning

Helping high-achieving women who feel unfulfilled by their careers but aren’t sure what they want to do instead

Sunday nights are the worst.


You can’t stop thinking about how much you dread going into the office.

You put on a happy face for your team, but it’s getting harder to do. Sure, there’s plenty to appreciate about your career. But it’s not fun anymore, and it doesn’t feel important. You wonder why you keep working so hard, but at the same time, you don’t know how to stop. Plus, you have no idea what you want to do instead.

You’ve tried to figure out what might make you happy. You’ve probably taken personality assessments that match you with possible careers, read blogs about finding your life purpose, or asked mentors for ideas. You browse job sites aimlessly, sign up for training you might not use, or simply pour yourself into your work until you’re too busy to notice your feelings.

The reason this hasn’t triggered that lightbulb moment you want is because resistance (in the form of self-limiting beliefs and unexpressed emotions) is blocking you from hearing your own wisdom about your right next steps. Once you resolve this at its root cause, you’ll be able to easily create an enjoyable, fulfilling work life.

This task is not as daunting as it may sound. There are 4 overarching principles that make career satisfaction totally doable:

When you live by these principles, you’ll find that you’re not only happier with your work life, but that more peace and joy has touched every corner of your life.

Since 2017, I’ve helped dozens of clients feel happier at work and beyond. A Certified Life Coach, I’ve trained with Martha Beck (aka Oprah’s life coach) and Byron Katie (one of Beck’s heroes.) I continue to learn every day because I believe an effective coach has to live it to give it. Before creating my ideal work life, I spent twelve years rising through the ranks of the software industry, having earned a BS in Computer Science and an MBA.

For me, it’s all about joy. I coach because it brings joy to others and it’s fun for me. (There is no greater high than guiding someone from tears to giggles in under an hour!)

How it works

I can help you make change more easily. Here’s how it works.

Step 1: Talk with me

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Step 3: Love your work life

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One client’s story

What does it look like to go from here to there? Here’s a story from one of my clients* whose results are representative of many clients’ experiences. We worked together for six months.

Where she started…

  • Respected executive with 20 years of professional experience
  • Her work was no longer joyful, which made it hard to be an inspiring leader
  • Had been considering a change for 2 years but didn’t know what she wanted
  • Struggled with ruminating, fear of leaving industry, work frustrations, feeling tired

…Where she ended up

  • Having way more fun and less stress at her current workplace
  • Praised for her calm and effective leadership amidst a chaotic pandemic
  • Better relationships, both professionally and personally
  • Resigned with confidence to enjoy a gap year and explore a new career in a field she hadn’t considered prior

I’ve seen it over and over in my life and clients’ lives: You CAN learn how to get out of your own way and have way more FUN!

* Client has asked to remain anonymous.


  • “My biggest fear before hiring Mandy was that I would come up with a giant list of things I wanted to do but not make progress toward any of them. It was definitely quite the opposite! Yes, I made a giant list (and it keeps growing), but she taught me how to easily move forward. I have made so much progress towards my personal and career goals since working with Mandy. She is really good at asking questions that help me understand why I do what I do, which has helped me choose thoughts, actions, and habits that serve me better. I also love the self-awareness I’ve gained through her training. For example, I use one of her exercises over and over, every time I get lost in the hustle, to make sure that what I’m doing will get me to my ideal day. Even the little revelations from our time together will save me so much time and bring me so much more joy over my lifetime. Genuinely, thank you, Mandy!”

    – Cathy

  • “When I started to explore hiring a coach, I needed clarity and direction. Through Mandy’s help, I found more calm, joy, and gratitude. In fact, she helped me focus on what is within your power to create actions for success. You will grow in both your professional and personal life with Mandy. She has an amazing presence and makes coaching fun. I would select Mandy to work with again!”

    – Sara

  • Lindsay Wolfe Google Ads expert

    “Working with Mandy was truly an incredible experience. I started my coaching calls at the very beginning of launching my advertising company and was looking for guidance and tools to fight the self doubt and discouragement that every business owner faces. I never expected to learn so much about myself, gain so much self confidence, and really nail down the heart and passion behind why I chose to do what I do. I learned and grew so much during our calls, and my business has been able to grow!”

    – Lindsay Wolfe

  • Anne Thompson

    “I signed up with Coach Kubicek because my wheels were spinning with so many ideas, yet I wasn’t moving forward. Mandy helped me settle myself down, intentionally choose a direction, and create a path to get there. She asked gentle, pertinent questions that addressed the internal challenges that were holding me back, freeing me to express my creative potential. My income immediately increased, and the systems she introduced are still a part of my routine. I loved the time I spent with Mandy!”

    – Annie Thompson

  • Sarah

    “When I started working with Mandy, I was in a stressful, scary place. I had recently left a job that was draining my happiness, but didn’t have another job lined up. I felt the pressure of needing to figure out what to do with my life. With Mandy’s help, I have practically fallen in love with Mondays for the first time ever! I definitely recommend working with Mandy. She cheers you on, challenges you, teaches you how to change your perspective, helps you discover more about yourself, and has a wonderful sense of humor!”

    – Sarah

  • brett

    “Mandy’s best quality is how approachable she is. I’ve always felt instant comfort in my conversations with her, knowing that she has my best interest in mind — and that’s critical of your coach. She makes it easy to open up about mental roadblocks, anxieties, and even accomplishments. She taught me to dig deep, challenge assumptions, and give myself credit. Mandy is awesome!”

    – Brett

  • Teagan

    “With Mandy’s guidance, I rediscovered parts of myself that I hadn’t realized I’d lost — my inner nature child, my love of dance — and fostered my love of reading Tarot, which has become an essential part of my professional life. Mandy’s support has been vital in finding my way through grief, understanding my goals, and taking concrete, joyful action toward my dreams. Without fail, I come away from our sessions invigorated with fresh perspective and renewed faith in my abilities. Mandy is exceptionally present and loving, and her gift for serving others is clear. I highly recommend her services.”

    – Teagan

  • “I started working with Mandy when I knew I had changes coming in my career and wanted help navigating them. Mandy helped me step back and see the big picture during a time when the many small decisions could have had me miss the forest for the trees. Her style of positive reinforcement while providing structure and guidance to let me reach my own decisions gave me confidence both in myself and the decisions I was making. She kept me moving forward and I resolved unknowns much more quickly and more decisively than I would have on my own. Thanks Mandy!”

    – Kyle

  • plant

    “Mandy broke through my chattering mind to provide some space for clarity. That’s how I came to really understand that I wanted to leave my job, wanted to better love my wife, wanted to be an active presence in the life of my family. But it’s also how I came to see my own feelings of obligation as a part of the problem. It was illuminating and liberating. I began as a life coach skeptic and ended up a zealot, eager to spread the good news of what these sessions meant to and did for me.”

    – Christian

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