Brown horse

What a Horse Taught Me about Grief and Play

Earlier this month I was in sunny Pismo Beach, California, as part of Martha Beck Life Coach Training. Immediately following that event, I attended a one-day equus coaching workshop — that is, horses helping coach humans — hosted by coaches Renee Sievert and Dixie St. John. It was new, fun, and unexpectedly intense. Many of […]

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kids drawing

Writing Prompts to Inspire Play

Play is one of those things that easily drops out of my life when I’m not intentional about keeping it here. Chores: check. Work: check. Relaxation: check. Play: wait, what’s play? Today I’ve put together some of my favorite writing prompts to inspire play. Plus, you’ll find a straightforward way to add more play to […]

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How I Found My People

Guys, I think I’ve found my people. I’m so geeking out over here! For years I’ve read self-help books and scribbled answers to their introspective exercises in journals I keep tucked away in drawers. It’s always been a solo affair. But now? Now I have a whole group of people to work through this process […]

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Belief Systems

What beliefs spring up in your mind most days? How helpful are those beliefs? For those that you could live without... how do you replace them?

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My Favorite Planning Tools

I am such a nerd for goal setting, action planning, and progress tracking. Of the countless tools and techniques I’ve tried, here are a few that shine as my go-tos.

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succulent plant

DIY Retreat on the Cheap

When is the last time you went on a retreat? Ahh, just the word “retreat” brings to mind luxury. To get away from your everyday obligations and focus just on you. Maybe your dream retreat is a week of silent meditation, a weekend of goat yoga, heart-pumping adventure, or a shopping getaway to Chicago. But […]

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