An ideal day visualization to quickly improve your work life

What if you could noticeably improve your career overnight? I’m not talking about a dramatic change, necessarily, but a noticeable one: a quantifiable amount of improvement very, very quickly. This is what’s possible with my Lunch with Oprah ideal day visualization, adapted from the work of Martha Beck. A powerful visualization Imagine it’s 3ish years […]

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scheduling in day planner

If you hate Sunday nights, learn these 4 principles

Do you hate Sunday nights because you can’t stop thinking about how much you dread going to work? Is it getting harder to put on a happy face for your team? Maybe you feel tired and frustrated, but also trapped, having no idea what you want to do instead. If so, you’ve probably taken career assessments, read […]

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What I learned on my 3-week break from social media

I recently took a three-week break from social media. As I wrote about early on, I chose to take a break from social media because I had a hunch that it was detrimental to my wellness.  I decided to avoid all forms—which, for me, meant Instagram, Facebook, and LinkedIn, including both personal and business pages, […]

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typing and tools

Do you need a break?

How do you typically distract yourself from sadness and other craptastic feelings? Is it work, food, booze, Internet? What does this habit look like specifically? Doing tasks you should delegate, late-night ice cream, wine after work, scrolling through Instagram? The other day I was feeling… well, terrible. My mind was going, going, going with Nothing […]

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bouquet on bookshelf

A one-minute experiment for dealing with what sucks

I heard a phrase the other day that has stuck with me: Look to, not forward. I took this to mean look to the experience happening right now as opposed to looking forward to what you’ll do next, what you want, etc. Assuming our waking hours are spent mentally in either the past, present, or […]

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happy clapping

20 ways to practice gratitude

You’ve heard about the benefits of practicing gratitude. Your friends are doing it. The celebs are all over it. But what precisely does practicing gratitude look like? How could it be easy and fun? How to easily cultivate more gratitude (20 ideas) Before eating dinner with my family, take turns sharing aloud what we’re grateful […]

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The surprising question that will help you reach your goals quickly

Early in my career, when I was programming a T-38 flight simulator for student pilot training or testing software that automatically captured data from insurance applications, I felt constrained. I felt like I was wasting time when there were more important things I could be discussing, from the company’s elephant in the room to racial […]

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Nomad candle and Mala Collective beads on The Joy Diet book

The first item on Martha Beck’s Joy Diet

In the book The Joy Diet: 10 Daily Practices for a Happier Life, author Martha Beck prescribes ten habits to maximize your joy and fulfillment.  One step at a time These habits or “menu items” build on each other. In other words, you’re meant to start with the first, make it a habit, then move […]

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television set

A subtle life-giving shift (Thanks, Simon Cowell!)

I’ve felt unsettled about my media consumption lately. Whether it’s social media, news, email, or TV, we take in A LOT of digital media. Whether it’s social media, news, email, or TV, we take in A LOT of digital media. Let’s take just one of these: Internet TV. Sometimes I intentionally escape from the world […]

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unhappy mandy

How to achieve emotional wellness

Ah, yes, the why-are-you-pointing-that-camera-at-me grimace… 😆 Could this also be the face of emotional wellness? ✋I feel like I need to make a confession: I’m a life coach, and I’m not always happy. Let me back up. I spent 12 years in the software industry (Software Engineer -> Head of Product) before becoming a Martha […]

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