Not achieving your SMART goals? Here’s what’s missing.

Goals help you take action towards what matters. But SMART goals aren't enough if they're missing this key element.

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Woman on Byron Katie Morning Walk

A powerful practice to ease your COVID-19 stress

How are you feeling? I know I’ve been having all kinds of unusual emotions, from crying after a news binge, to beaming with gratitude for my face-to-face conversation with the grocery store clerk. I’m fidgety and frustrated and lonely, and I feel joyfully connected by the way my choices are literally protecting (or endangering) people I’ve never met.  COVID-19 stress tips from […]

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happy clapping

Stop analyzing. Do this instead.

You don't know what to do. Here's how to stop overanalyzing and know your right next steps, much more easily.

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How to feel your feelings and why it’s worth it

Do you consistently feel your feelings? It’s human nature to resist discomfort. But just because it’s natural doesn’t mean it’s good for us. If you want more clarity and confidence, allow yourself to feel all of your feelings—even the uncomfortable ones.  Why do you need to feel your feelings? Personally, I think our spiritual growth depends on […]

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get unstuck

8 Questions to Ask When You Feel Stuck

I talk to a lot of people who feel stuck, unable to make a career change. Something about their work isn’t satisfying?it may even be life-draining?yet they just can’t seem to move forward. “I want to do these things for myself, but I keep focusing on other people’s needs.” “What keeps me from leaving my […]

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MVP Philosophy: The Quickest Path to Clarity and Confidence

An MVP philosophy, adopted from the field of software development, is the fastest way you’ll find your dream career. Why? Because taking consistent, imperfect action (a key element of the MVP philosophy) builds two elements of a fulfilling life: clarity and confidence.  The problem with your typical approach We often think we need to figure […]

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3 Fun Ways to Overcome a Negative Mindset

I’ve written before about the impact a negative mindset has on our results. Once you begin consistently noticing your mindset, you realize that you are not your thoughts. You’re an observer of those thoughts. This is a powerful distinction, because it lets The Real You take control of your life. You are not your thoughts. It’s easy to […]

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Anne Thompson

A toolbox for creating lasting change with Anne Thompson

What would a healing practitioner say about how to deal with our strange political environment? I recently met with Anne Thompson—founder of Healing Spirit and—on the sunny patio of an Omaha coffee shop.  Also known as EcoAnnie, Anne uses her MS in Psychology; certifications in hypnotherapy, energy work, and yoga; and her own dramatic life change experiences to […]

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mountain peak

The #1 Reason You Haven’t Reached Your Goal

You want to change your results.  What you may not realize is that your thoughts cause your feelings, which in turn cause your actions and results. This is why questioning thoughts is foundational to my coaching and my life. Thoughts → Feelings → Behavior → Situation Our thoughts are EVERYTHING! Transition creates endlessly fearful thoughts […]

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smiling portrait with sunshine

How to make quick decisions

Do you make quick decisions? If you’re like most people, even though that in-between time is uncomfortable, you hang out! We often stay stuck because we’re afraid we’ll make the “wrong” decision. How can you make decisions more quickly? How do you know whether something is right for you? What’s the difference between an uncomfortable […]

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